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Skimmer Covers Pty Ltd manufactures various products under the HIDE and QUAD brands. After your contractor has installed your new Skimmer Covers Pty Ltd products, you should be handed a Home Owners Manual which contains your Care and Maintenance Instructions and links to your Warranty on this website. It is important to read the provided documents to ensure you are aware of the correct and safe-use practices for your new Skimmer Covers Pty Ltd product. Incorrect and unsafe use may void the warranty, or lead to damage or injury. 


If you haven't received your Warranty or Home Owners Manual don't stress!

You can download them here.


Please click on the links below to download the Warranty which pertains to your product purchase. Please print the Warranty and make a copy of your receipt. Store the Warranty and receipt copy in a safe location, for potential future reference.


Please click on the links below to download the Home Owners Manual which pertains to your product purchase. It is a good idea to read the Manual before operating your new Skimmer Covers Pty Ltd product. The Manual contains lots of useful information about ensuring your product is installed properly, the correct and safe operation of your product, and care and maintenance tips.


A quick overview of the typical activities which may void your warranty.

Please read the full Warranty document for your product to understand ALL items which may be excluded. However, some of the usual exclusion cases occur when:

  • the product is not fitted by a professional contractor with the necessary skills to perform the installation;
  • the full and correct installation procedures are not followed, including the use of incorrect adhesives;
  • acid or chemical washes have been allowed to contact the product;
  • the product is not maintained as advised in the Home Owners Manual and on this website;
  • the product is not used in accordance with instructions in the Home Owners Manual and on this website
  • the Safety Key is not kept out of reach of children at all times and damage or injury occurs;
  • the Safety Key is used to carry the full weight of the product lid;
  • a child is permitted to use the product and damage or injury occurs;
  • any damage or injury occurs due to incorrect and unsafe use of the product; and
  • proof of purchase cannot be provided.


If you haven’t received your Safety Key, please contact your contractor – they may have simply forgotten to pass it on to you, or have stored it in a secure location around your home.

Any Safety Key breakages may or may not be covered by your Warranty. As with all products, the Safety Key does have a life-span, so over time you may need to purchase a new one. If you believe your key is damaged due to a manufacturing fault, please contact us.